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        It has been my honor to serve the residents of Warren these past 4 and half years. When I arrived at the
Warren Treasurer’s Office, we were behind in technology, charging residents unnecessary fees, our
investments were lacking adequate return, and customer service needed improvement. Now, residents
of Warren have top technology, waived fees, millions of dollars additional in investment return for our
general fund, and shorter wait time at City Hall. We were able to achieve these things and more because
of the great team we have in place as well as my prior financial experience. Currently, you have a
Treasurer who has no municipal experience and no proper private sector experience. I not only lead the
largest Treasurer’s Office in Macomb County, but I have also been a bank manager and loan
underwriter. That combination of public and private sector experience is imperative to serving the
county as the top financial officer.

             Current Treasurer Larry Rocca, not only lacks the experience but his personal negative financial history
that impede him from fully being your financial leader. Technology for the county tax collection is
lacking. Payment collection and arrangement is challenging for many residents. Retirement funds and
county funds are not meeting their potential. City treasurers are not being offered training or support.
Residents aren’t provided financial education.

             Though this is an elected role, it is one that financial experience must be considered and proven. Our
county’s finances cannot be left to a person who doesn’t have experience, has a checkered financial
past, and has done nothing to help the lives of the residents. I have the experience. I have a solid
personal financial past and present. I have the results and come in every day and do my best to make
the lives of residents better. If elected, I will continue to protect and grow our finances. Also, I will be
your advocate and do all I can to help you. Don’t settle for a Treasurer who hasn’t helped you. Macomb
County deserves better; and that is why I am running. I want to use my experience and results to serve
residents throughout the county to move things forward in a positive way. As we continue on this
journey, I am looking forward to talking with you and learning about you and your concerns. Look for
updates on this page for options to connect. Thank you. Onward!

Lorie Barnwell

Warren Treasurer

Dear Macomb County Residents,

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