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Lorie Barnwell


Macomb County Treasurer

Lorie Barnwell was elected in 2015 as the Warren City Treasurer. Over the past several years, Barnwell and her team have worked tirelessly to move the office forward for the betterment of the residents. Here are some updates they have done to help the community:

-Launched a new state-of-the-art payment portal for tax and water payments. This portal offers residents a free way to pay their bills as well as saving tax dollars on paperless billing.

-Updated our city investments to make them secure and obtaining maximum possible return. The City of Warren went from earning $500,000 in 2015 to earning 2.2 MILLION in 2018. Instead of having city
funds sit in savings accounts, which doesn’t provide FDIC coverage, Treasurer Barnwell followed state laws and put funds in CDs, Treasuries, bonds, and other state-approved accounts.

-Cut wait time and increased customer service ability at City Hall. Lorie taught ten customer service seminars to her team. She also made sure peak times were better staffed and employees were cross
trained to help as many residents as possible.

-Worked on a plan with other finance leaders to pay down the unfunded liability for the Warren Police and Fire Retirement System. This not only gives the first responders piece of mind, but it puts the City of
Warren in a better financial situation for the future.

-Expanded the AARP Tax Service for seniors to get more residents free help for tax filing

-Created more transparency on city investments offering updated report online and in person.

Community Involvment

  • Member and Minister’s wife at local area church

  • Hosted free seminar to Warren residents giving tips on how to start to save and budget

  • Office participates in Toys for Tots collecting bins of toys for kids in the community

  • Office collected school supplies for Warren students in need

  • Member of Warren Kiwanis

  • Member of the Fraternal Order of Police

  • Strong support from local police and fire first responders 

  • Church small group leader for teens and occasional worship leader

  • One-on-one mentoring to female teens to raise up the leaders of tomorrow 

  • Donated and raised support for Flint Water Crisis

  • Volunteered at crisis centers for women

  • Public speaking events at juvenile justice centers to inspire at-risk youth

  • Regular speaker at community events throughout Macomb County

  • Regular supporter of labor union causes and events, personally has walked the picket line with striking workers.

Education & Credentials

  • Chosen by her peers to be President of the Macomb County Treasurers’ Association . This provides important networking and education to finance leaders throughout the county

  • Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Michigan

  • Certified Public Funds Investment Manager (obtained January 2019)

  • Previous Bank Manager and Loan Underwriter

  • Proven record of private sector success and leadership 

  • Treasurer Lorie Barnwell lives in Warren with her husband, Pastor and Attorney , Bill and their son 7 year old “Little Bill.”

  • Elected Treasurer of Macomb County's largest city

  • Defeated an incumbent in 2015 with 58% of the vote

  • Re-elected by a landslide margin by 81% of voters

  • High approval ratings from both Democrats and Republicans. 

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